Talent assessments are a valuable tool when:



Confirm how well job candidates match the needs of the position.



Learn each person’s strengths and weaknesses to unlock their potential.



Tap into the unique, hidden motivators that truly drive each individual.


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Each of our assessment services include a summary, an office sign with interaction recommendations, and a detailed positional recommendation based on the individual’s report and responses to our service. Click the “General” or “Sales” buttons below to order.


Dual Perspective Service

Confirm an individual’s driving forces and the behaviors that result from those motivations. ($219)


Dual Perspective + Interview

A Dual Perspective service plus a 1hr interview, interview notes, and engagement recommendations. ($749)


Triple Perspective Service

Discover all three aspects of how people work: driving forces, behaviors, & competencies. ($269)


Triple Perspective + Interview

A Triple Perspective service plus a 1hr interview, interview notes, and engagement recommendations. ($799)


General assessment services consider a person's strengths in any role, Sales assessment services are for people in a sales role. Order multiple assessments for individuals, groups, or teams within your company by adjusting the quantity of each item in the shopping cart.


How it Works

Getting an assessment is easy.



Order the desired number of assessments from our store and we will send you an email with access to your online survey and instructions for further review.


Take the Assessment(s)

Fill out each survey as objectively and honestly as you can. Each one takes about 15-45 minutes to complete.


Review the Results

The assessment report provides insights into behaviors, driving forces, competency patterns, and preferences. We review and explain the results with you.


Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the difference between a Sales and General Talent Assessment Service?

The Sales Talent Assessment report offers two key insights on an individual’s sales aptitude that are unique from the General ones:

  • Behavioral Selling Overview instead of a Behavioral Hierarchy (1 page)

  • Potential Strengths or Obstacles to Behavioral Selling Success (3-4 pages)

Do you offer Job Benchmarks?

Yes, we do offer job benchmarks for specific jobs. To do this, we ask “the job” to fully reveal its needs, challenges, and potential through an interactive career position assessment process.

The result is a validated job profile to hire and fully engage someone in the position. Contact us to learn more

What’s the difference between a Dual Perspective and Triple Perspective Talent Assessment Service?

Our Dual Perspective service confirms an individual’s driving forces and the behaviors that result from those motivations. You learn how to appeal to someone’s passions and avoid areas that do not interest them. For instance, one person may be very motivated to help others just because they love to be supportive, whereas another equally capable person only wants to help people who are hard workers.

Our Triple Perspective service goes a step further to help you better understand how to create a self-motivating work environment for yourself and/or others. Our Triple Perspective gives you insights into all three powerful aspects of how a person works – their driving forces, behaviors, AND competencies or skills.

Only the Manage 2 Win Triple Perspective service integrates a person’s current soft skills throughout the entire assessment report. The result is increased accuracy and a better understanding of where a person can be their best and do work that is most meaningful to them.