Managers account for at least 70% of variance in employee engagement scores across business units.
— Gallup Business Journal, Randall J. Beck and Jim Harter


Leaders Define Your Culture and Success

Too often people are promoted into management primarily because they are top performers who demonstrate an ability to achieve results. According to Gallup, “Though many people have some of the necessary traits, few have the unique combination of talent needed to help a team achieve the kind of excellence that significantly improves a company's performance.”

Your managers are leading the troops. If they don’t have that “unique combination of talent”, they desperately need training.


Develop Your Skills

You may be seen as a leader because you look the part, or perhaps you have some leadership attributes. But it takes more than a strong jawline and singular aptitude to be a good manager.

In the Certified Leader Program, you will participate in group trainings and work one-on-one with a consultant to:

  • Learn new strategies and tactics

  • Maximize your strengths

  • Overcome your weaknesses

  • And develop successful management habits




Alan Lawson

Service Delivery Manager, PICS ITech


"I found that learning how to communicate with people through physical queues, good cop bad cop, delegation, accountability, and Sincere Gratitude gave me the most value.

"As a very introverted person, I found this program to be invaluable towards guiding me through the maze of questions involving social interaction, engaging people, and learning the ins and outs of management. I highly recommend this course to everyone because I know that every person can find the value and be a 3Strands Leader."



Becoming an effective leader is not like turning on a light bulb, it does not happen instantly.  Developing new habits takes time.



Six (6) months of coaching & training to help you develop new leadership habits.


Twelve (12) one-on-one coaching sessions with one of our experienced coaches.


Six (6) Group training sessions with other participants, facilitated by one of our coaches.


An initial assessment of your leadership strengths and weaknesses.


A Triple Perspective Talent Assessment confirming your core work behaviors, motivators, and skills.


An individual Certified Leader Plan to establish clear goals, build on strengths, learn new skills, pilot new habits, and improve relationships.


A certification test at the end of the semester to confirm you are a Certified Leader.


Certified Leader logo for use on your business cards, online profiles, and resume.



Training can be a win for the company and the trainee.

Benefits for Participants

As a participant, you get the opportunity to work one-on-one with an experienced coach for six months. After an initial kick-off call, participants schedule individual sessions with their coach, and confirm availability for group training sessions.

Using your assessment, SWOT analysis, and feedback, you will work with your coach to craft a personalized Certified Leader Plan. Your plan will include:

  • Defining clear, measurable goals

  • Learning skills that build upon strengths and reduce weaknesses

  • Improving specific work relationships

  • Piloting new habits and systems to be the best leader you can be

Benefits for Your Company

As a company, you receive incredible value from the Certified Leader Program. Sign up your managers! We engage with you to confirm the work we do meets your expectations. You receive:

  • The opportunity to request specific skills be taught to your manager(s) in the program

  • A copy of their Talent Assessment report confirming their core work behaviors, motivators, and skills

  • A report on your managers’ initial leadership strengths and weaknesses

  • A draft of your managers’ Certified LEADER Plan for comment and approval

  • Email updates of your managers’ progress

  • A report on your managers’ leadership strengths and weaknesses at the Program’s close


Pricing & Sign-up

There are two classes each year, space is limited.


Pricing is $1,250 per month for 6 months. Space is limited for each semester of the program, there are two semesters per year. Once a semester is full you may join a waiting list. We offer discounts for multiple participants from the same company.


First 2020 Semester

Starting January 1st, 2020


Second 2020 Semester

Starting July 1st, 2020




Space is limited. Upon signing up you are charged a $1,250 deposit for the first month's fee. Future charges are on the 1st of each month starting in the second month of the training semester. If you would like to pay by check or in advance then please contact us. After the first week of a semester, there are no refunds. Students are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. We reserve the right to turn down any applicants if we feel they are not a good candidate for the program.


After completing the Certified LEADER program I feel much more confident and prepared to tackle many of the challenges I face on a day-to-day basis from the operational side of our MSP. My coach's content and delivery was very easy to follow and comprehensive. I definitely feel like I'm walking away a better leader than when I began!

Sarah Gedney, Operations Manager, IRIS Solutions


I’ve worked with Manage 2 Win on a number of occasions prior to attending the Certified Leader course. I had always found their knowledge and best practices to be very insightful, but the combination of one on one time with a coach and the group sessions provided a much more powerful experience than I had anticipated.

I was able to identify my own areas of improvement and work with my coach to get results quickly.

Ralph Auriemmo, Senior Project Manager, FiServe


Dave, his employees, and his Certified Leader Program are the best. Period. Dave communicates extremely well and he doesn't leave any wiggle or assumption room in letting you know exactly what to expect from his course. He provides SO much extra assistance outside of the classroom and his staff respond professionally and timely. I feel so much more prepared as a leader in my organization now, my time is mine again, and I've been able to pass on many of the wonderful lessons I've learned.

Darren German, Service Manager, NUMA Networks


The Certified Leader class was great. Your coach gets to know you, so that they can tailor your goals to best suit you. I looked forward to our one-on-one calls because we worked together as a team, and they can relate to where you are, how you're doing, and to situations where you could have done better.

I am a better leader because of this class.

Dan Goldstein, Operations Manager, Vertikal6


It (Certified LEADER) has helped me communicate with my employees and coach them to be more focused and productive. This class has produced results for me that are noticed by my superiors already. I have also used the 3 strands to coach other supervisors and managers.

One of the first things I learned was to speak more succinctly, which has also been noticed by my peers and myself. Less wasted time.

Rory Vail, Technical Coordinator, DenaliTEK


You can tell Manage 2 Win spent a lot of time and careful consideration preparing this material. The course itself is so vast that you will inevitably have to come back to different aspects because there is simply too much to implement or even digest in one sitting.

This course will give you the structure to be a fair and systematic leader for your employees. If you are serious about being a successful leader this is the course for you. I thought I knew a lot coming into this course but was shown week after week that what I knew was only a soft foundation. This course firms up your knowledge, skills, and ego in an attempt to mold you into the figure your employees need you to be for everyone to be winners.

Jake Alt, Service Manager, aCOUPLEofGURUS