The money I spent with Manage 2 Win coaches and consultants, for their Leadership Essentials package, Talent Assessments, and having David do an onsite workshop with my team is the best money I’ve spent in the last two years.  Our company culture has done a total 180.  People are passionate and applying what they have learned.


Dave Brewer, President, BC Networks

Manage 2 Win gave Cal Net a ‘cord of three strands’ that helps us be unbreakable and unstoppable:  (1) Wise leadership advice;  (2) Cost effective HR software;  and (3) Talent Assessments we use before hiring anyone to confirm they meet our superstar standards.

Zack Schuler, former CEO, Cal Net Technology Group

now CEO of Ninjio


We had growth, profits and people, but we had some gaps in our leadership process.  Manage 2 Win’s All-In LEADERSHIP program really helped us build a more consistently positive company culture.  We are FUN.  We just needed to define and implement a process.  Working with Sinal, David and the Manage 2 Win team has been great, their services are helping us communicate better with our team and holding us all accountable.  We would not hesitate to recommend them.

Stefani Lasko, President, Mythos Technology

David and his team provide incredible thought leadership around intentional, systematic, values-focused team leadership.  They are true industry leaders and have uncovered some keys to clear accountability, motivation, and positive team culture.  I encourage anyone who cares about their culture, deeply values their team members, and seeks to be intentional in all things to work with the Manage 2 Win team!

Ryan Barton, CEO, Mainstay Technologies



I needed to hire a sales person. Finding candidates and hiring are very difficult for me. I had no clue what to look for, how to interview, or what kind of offer to make.  Manage 2 Win was a huge help, their Hire the Best system is excellent. I listened in on phone interviews, reviewed and added my touch to some of the documents, and ended up with a great hire and plan for him. Since then, my business has grown over 50%, in large part due to the new hire.

Bill Ooms, President, Business System Solutions

Within a very short period of time working with Manage 2 Win, we have enabled our team to set measurable goals for professional growth, increased our team’s vision into their contributions to company success, and streamlined our review and promotion processes.

Working with them has been an awesome experience.

Harry Curran, COO at Vertikal6



I suggest you check out the coaching and consulting programs at Manage 2 Win. Our employees are more engaged after working with them. But a more surprising confirmation is two top performers who work at our competitors have contacted us in the last month looking to move to our company because they are hearing good things about us.

This is the best investment we have made in a long time.

Brad Wilson, former CEO, Iris Solutions


We have been providing the Certified Leader Program for a few years now. Here’s what our past participants have to say about their experience.


I found that learning how to communicate with people through physical queues, good cop bad cop framing, delegation, accountability, and Sincere Gratitude gave me the most value.

As a very introverted person, I found this course invaluable towards guiding me through the maze of questions involving social interaction, engaging people, and learning the ins and outs of management. I highly recommend this course to everyone because I know that every person can find the value and be a 3Strands Leader.

Alan Lawson, Service Delivery Manager, PICS ITech


After completing the Certified Leader Program I feel much more confident and prepared to tackle many of the challenges I face on a day-to-day basis from the operational side of our MSP. My coach's content and delivery was comprehensive and very easy to follow. I definitely feel like I'm walking away a better leader than when I began!

Sarah Gedney, Operations Manager, IRIS Solutions

I’ve worked with Manage 2 Win on a number of occasions prior to attending the Certified Leader Program. I had always found their knowledge and best practices to be very insightful, but the combination of one on one time with a coach and the group sessions provided a much more powerful experience then I had anticipated.

I was able to identify my own areas of improvement and work with my coach to get results quickly.

Ralph Auriemmo, Senior Project Manager, FiServe



Dave, his employees, and their Certified Leader Program are the best. Period. Dave communicates extremely well and he doesn't leave any wiggle or assumption room in letting you know exactly what to expect from their course. He provides SO much extra assistance outside of the classroom and his staff respond professionally and timely.

I feel so much more prepared as a leader in my organization now, my time is mine again, and I've been able to pass on many of the wonderful lessons I've learned.

Darren German, Service Manager, NUMA Networks

The Certified Leader Program is great. Your coach gets to know you, so that they can tailor your goals to best suit you. I looked forward to our one-on-one calls because we worked together as a team, and they can relate to where you are, how you're doing, and to situations where you could have done better.

I am a better leader because of this class.

Dan Goldstein, Operations Manager, Vertikal6



The Certified Leader Program has helped me communicate with my employees and coach them to be more focused and productive. This class has produced results for me that are noticed by my superiors already. I have also used the principles of 3Strands Leadership to coach other supervisors and managers.

One of the first things I learned was to speak more succinctly, which has also been noticed by my peers and myself. Less wasted time.

Rory Vail, Technical Coordinator, DenaliTEK

The Certified Leader Program was a great help for myself and for my team, we were provided with useful tools and practices that we were able to benefit from immediately.

I would highly recommend it.

Chris Clynes, Field Services Manager, Vertikal6



You can tell Manage 2 Win spent a lot of time and careful consideration preparing this material. The course itself is so vast that you will inevitably have to come back to different aspects because there is simply too much to implement or even digest in one sitting.

This course will give you the structure to be a fair and systematic leader for your employees. If you are serious about being a successful leader this is the course for you. I thought I knew a lot coming into this course but was shown week after week that what I knew was only a soft foundation. This course firms up your knowledge, skills, and ego in an attempt to mold you into the figure your employees need you to be for everyone to be winners.

Jake Alt, Service Manager, aCOUPLEofGURUS

The Certified Leader Program taught me to understand my team, how they work, and how to communicate. I learned how I can be the enabler towards a more productive and efficient work space by listening to my team, our clients and the future that we are all rushing into headlong.

I feel more prepared for what is coming and how to handle crises with a level head and a path forward while also providing my team the tools they need to help us all survive crises and create opportunities.

Sandeep Nair, Service Manager, Solarus Technologies


My coach really inspired me these past 6 months. I carry their leadership framework, robust educational ingredients, and personal comments in my memory. I ask myself “what would my coach do?” when working with business colleagues, or family for that matter. Thank YOU for everything. It’s been a pleasure participating in the Certified Leader Program.

Adrian Gonzalez, COO, On Time Tech



We have probably saved tens of thousands of dollars by using Manage 2 Win’s Hire the Best system, including their Talent Assessments for every hire, and often we have David interview candidates during their final round of interviews.

We are nice people, but sometimes you have to set aside your desire to help someone because the truth is… they are just not a match.  Manage 2 Win’s Hire the Best system enables us to be shrewder purveyors of top talent.  Doesn’t everyone want to hire the best?

Peter Fidler, CEO, WCA Technologies

The first time we used the Hire the Best system, including the hiring questionnaire, we hired an all-star employee. That employee is still with us after a year and a half and is thriving.

The hiring system allowed us to hire more systematically and come off as a organized, professional place to work, which I believe is enticing.

Pete Duenes, Owner, Compounded Nutrients


more coming soon…


Just wanted to take a moment to reach out and thank you. It’s hard to believe it has already been 5 years since we first engaged with Manage 2 Win to create job descriptions. It only took me ten years to get there, haha. It took a while to realize that my inventory wasn’t “product”, it was “quality” people.

But that and access to your Talent Assessment process and enhanced DISC profiles have been key to us growing from less than ten employees to over 20 now. Not only do we do Talent Assessments for final candidates, we post DISCs in every team member’s workspace as a reminder and coach on it several times a year. People skills and EQ are a key part of our culture and core values.

Because of your impact I feel we are finding better team member fits for our role-based positions, engagement is very high and people are staying with us longer.

Steve Meek, President & CEO, The Fulcrum Group

There are many behavioral assessments out there, and many of our candidates are familiar with other methods, but we have heard many praise Manage 2 Win on their ability to interpret the assessment results and make ‘spot on’ conclusions.

We have so much faith in the Talent Assessment process that ALL candidates who reach the appropriate point participate in the assessment as part of our interview process.

TSG has recommended Manage 2 Win’s Talent Assessments to other businesses and will continue to use it as we grow our organization.

Kelly Flores, Director of Program Management, The Villages TSG


more coming soon…