Certified Leader Program

Weekly training to expand your knowledge, and coaching to hold you accountable as you develop your management skills. Develop new habits while you keep up with your work.



Dave's Charm School

Soft skills training courses to improve the behaviors, habits, and attitudes of your people to increase customer satisfaction, reduce drama, improve quality, and boost productivity.



As a leader, you are the role model for your company culture, a catalyst for employee engagement, and the #1 reason employees stay with your firm.

Join one of our Certified Leader classes and learn the skills you need to succeed.



One-on-One Sessions

Each class includes 12 one-on-one sessions with a Manage2Win consultant to focus on unique problems and skills.


Group Sessions

Each class includes 6 group training sessions covering a management-related topic followed by Q&A and discussion.



Each participant receives a Triple Perspective Talent Assessment and an assessment of leadership strengths and weaknesses.

classes include 6 months of coaching and training, space is limited


Alan Lawson

Service Delivery Manager, PICS ITech


"I found that learning how to communicate with people through physical queues, good cop bad cop, delegation, accountability, and Sincere Gratitude gave me the most value.

"As a very introverted person, I found this course invaluable towards guiding me through the maze of questions involving social interaction, engaging people, and learning the ins and outs of management. I highly recommend this course to everyone because I know that every person can find the value and be a 3Strands Leader."

“Organizations that learn effective communication are nearly 5X as likely to retain the best people.”
— Great Results Team Building


The primary cause of client complaints and employee issues is not technical skills. People perform poorly because they lack soft skills.

Dave's Charm School offers emotional intelligence training that teaches essential behavioral skills your team needs to improve professionalism, work better together, and increase customer satisfaction.

Courses cover:

  • Professionalism

  • Character

  • Customer Service

  • Leadership

  • Time Management

  • and more