Anatomy of a Talent Assessment

Assessments contain up to three major sections: a behavioral assessment, a person’s driving forces, and natural skills & competencies.


Behaviors (DISC)

The first part of an assessment focuses on a person’s behaviors:

  • How well their behaviors match the needs of a job

  • Their behavioral strengths – where they should spend more time

  • Their behavioral weaknesses – areas they need to avoid and/or improve

  • How they work best with others

Our experience has taught us that DISC by itself can be misleading, StrengthsFinder is too general for our purposes, and what is learned from Myers-Briggs assessments can be thought-provoking but are rarely applied.


Driving Forces (PIAV Motivators)

Learn about a person’s driving forces so you can:

  • Focus them on work that relates with their greatest passions

  • Create a self-motivating work environment where they love to do their best

  • Help them work more effectively with others by aligning their driving forces

  • Link the results you desire to what drives them to achieve

Our Talent Assessment Services use a combination of DISC (behaviors) and PIAV (Personal Interests, Attitudes, and Values – the driving forces behind their behaviors). You also have the option of considering a person’s natural skills & competencies with our Triple Perspective assessment.


Skills & Competencies (DNA)

The skills and competencies section is designed to measure an individual’s level of development in 25 business-related competencies / personal skills. A profile is created for each individual showing their ability range for each competency.

The 25 competencies provide a model to:

  • Discuss what helps people achieve results in their personal and professional lives.

  • Identify skills or abilities that lead to superior performance.

  • Understand that our competencies are not “fixed,” but with effort and support can be developed.

  • Create tailored plans to develop the competencies that will have the most impact on performance.


Below are a couple samples of the assessments we provide.


Dual Perspective Assessment Sample

Triple Perspective Assessment Sample


Our talent assessments are provided by TTI Success Insights.