Manage 2 Win

Manage 2 Win was founded in July 2007 by David Russell. We are privately owned and operated by a small group that values systematic power, meaningful work, and sincere gratitude. We offer consulting and training to help companies like yours hire, manage, develop, and retain great people.



We Develop Good Habits

Everyone operates via a set of instincts. Those instincts play out every day in the form of habits. Our goal in working with clients is to identify bad habits in their organization and overwrite them with good habits. This can involve regular training with multiple teams or an intensive, one-on-one approach with a leader.

Either way, we are pleased to work with you to help you succeed.


We Encourage Growth

Growth is the key indicator of our ability to learn, adapt, and compete. To grow is to reap the rewards of wisdom and hard work.

Our work with clients is designed to lay a foundation for their growth. This includes developing or refining their mission, vision, and values. It means establishing standards for success, and requiring everyone on the team live up to those standards. It also calls for resolving current issues before moving forward.


We Eliminate “Bad Bosses”

Our mission is to help rid the world of "bad" bosses. When we help one person manage their people and priorities more effectively it not only improves results on the job, but they go home after work each day a happier person.

We used to do a twice-monthly podcast called the No Bad Bosses Podcast. It was our first podcast and we really enjoyed it. We have adapted a similar format with the Manage 2 Win Podcast.



A podcast focused on helping businesses improve their leadership skills and company culture, including how they hire, manage, develop, and retain great people.




Opinions and thoughts on leadership, company culture, hiring, and management, by our team at Manage 2 Win.




In our free time we write about leadership, management, and the lessons we’ve learned working with our clients, spending time with our friends and family, and exploring our own philosophies of life.