Manage 2 Win

Manage 2 Win was founded in July 2007. We are privately owned and operated by a small group that values systematic power, meaningful work, and sincere gratitude. We offer consulting and training to help companies like yours manage their people, performance, and resources more effectively.


Build on Your Intuition

Everyone operates via a set of instincts. Those instincts play out every day in the form of habits. Our goal in working with clients is to identify bad habits in their organization and overwrite them with good habits. This can involve regular training with multiple teams or an intensive, one-on-one approach with a leader.

Either way, we are pleased to work with you to make your life better.



No Bad Bosses!

Our mission is to help rid the world of "bad" bosses. When we help one person manage their people and priorities more effectively it not only improves results on the job, but they go home after work each day a happier person.

We used to do a twice-monthly podcast called the No Bad Bosses Podcast. It was our first podcast and we really enjoyed it. We have adapted a similar format with the Manage 2 Win Podcast.



David Russell

Founder, CEO and Senior Consultant

As an author, consultant, trainer, and professional speaker, David works with businesses who want to overcome challenges and develop new habits.


Sinal Patel

Director of Client Services

Sinal is a Certified DISC Consultant and works with clients to create and implement their strategic plans, manage talent assessments, develop goals and career paths, and more.

Jeff Russell

Director of Product & Operations

Jeff ensures our products and services are running smoothly and looking good, including our websites, training content, and podcast episodes.





In our free time we write about leadership, management, and the lessons we’ve learned working with our clients, spending time with our friends and family, and exploring our own philosophies of life.



The Company Culture Challenge

Zappos was broke in 1999 and in 2009 sold itself to Amazon for $1.2 BILLION. How did they do it? Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh says they succeeded then and now because of his laser focus on developing a superior company culture. The question is, how can YOU do it? This book, The Company Culture Challenge, does more than tell you how. It gives you a step-by-step strategic plan to transform your organization into a high profit leader as you learn how to fully engage your employees and serve your clients so well they can't live without you.

Sick of ideas and random strategies, entrepreneurs David Russell and Rob Betzel developed this 7-step process to transform any company culture into a team of people who take ownership for making certain clients are happy. This system is a game changer for any leadership team willing to implement it.


Success With People

Recently the Conference Board reported U.S. productivity lags Europe for the first time in over a decade. According to CEO and author David Russell, the best way to increase productivity is to improve the leadership skills of America's entrepreneurs, managers and executives. Russell's book, Success With People - A Complete System For Effectively Managing People in Any Organization, provides a strategic proven system that is easy to understand and quick to apply. Russell, the CEO of Success With People, Inc., knows first-hand the importance of managing a company's greatest asset: its people. Russell teaches leaders how to double employee engagement, motivate better performance, increase retention, and more-all factors that contribute to business productivity. In the book, Russell outlines twelve steps for an effective leadership system, which fall into three broader categories: Establish Your Foundation, Balance Your Workload, and Manage Your Team's Performance. "Productivity doesn't happen by accident," says Russell. "America's business leaders need a clear yet comprehensive, proven system for hiring, managing, developing and retaining people if they hope to compete in the global economy."