It Wasn't The Plan

Ask any 6 year old about their dreams or what they want to be when they grow up.

None will say, “I want to be homeless, begging for money, and addicted to drugs.”

Yet... that’s reality for some people.

It wasn't the plan.


What was your plan? Was it your plan to…

  • Have your business be basically the same size it was 25 years ago?
  • Still be responding to texts, emails, and phone calls on evenings and weekends?
  • Be in a business partnership that is frustrating, stressful, and/or abusive?
  • Still have so many bad habits that hurt your effectiveness as a leader?

None of us defined any of the areas above as a goal we wanted to achieve in life. I'm sure each of you have some other regrets you could add to this list.

How do we initiate a turning point in our lives so WE NEVER GO BACK again to the bad habits that are currently holding us down?

We each need a plan that builds on our strengths, overcomes our weaknesses, and enables us to experience the fulfillment of being our best.


The starting point

If you are a leader, then I suggest the place to start is twofold:

#1 – Get an accountability partner or professional coach. Someone who helps you set clear, meaningful goals, not let you fool them with excuses, challenges you candidly, and respectfully holds you accountable.

#2 – Get certified. We are about to start our second and final 2018 class of Certified LEADER. This is 24 weeks, alternating live online training and 1:1 coaching with me. (You get coaching and an accountability partner in one!)

NOTE: Our current Certified LEADER class that started in January was oversold, so we are currently doing two group classes. 

Learn more and sign-up at Space is limited because I only have so many hours each week for coaching.

I have had owners, top executives, and plenty of mid-level and new managers participate. All of them have been hungry to learn how to be a great leader and willing to work on their bad habits.

If you look at our Certified LEADER page and still are wondering whether it is right for you or one of your managers, then just email us or click here to schedule time to talk about it.

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What is your plan?

If you feel stuck, or stagnant, and if you have felt this way for quite some time, you need to make a change. The good news is you are not alone, a lot of leaders are in the same situation.

However, that is not really good news for you or the world. Refuse to maintain your status quo, and make a choice.

Your clock is ticking and time is passing that you will never have again.