Employee Engagement Drops AGAIN

Just when you thought employee engagement could not get worse…  it has.

Previously it was believed the average number of employees who are fully engaged was 18-20%.  That left 80-82% less engaged or totally disengaged.

The Harvard Business Review reports the latest research from Marcus Buckingham concludes employee engagement has dropped further.  It’s now a bleak 15.8%. 

What’s the problem?

Weak leadership.

Weak leadership that leads to inconsistent, unengaging workplaces… that leads to unnecessary drama, stress, lost profits, and employee turnover.

Why is there weak leadership?

No training.


A friend of mine who is a senior leadership consultant is about to train 120 leaders.  Guess how many have previously had any formal leadership training?

Only 6.

114 Leaders have been untrained for their entire career as a leader, yet they are responsible for thousands of employees and millions of dollars of revenue. 

Whereas, only 6 have had some, maybe not much, training on how to apply their strengths and avoid their weaknesses to fully engage people in a thriving work culture.

So much is written about how leaders are visionary…


Our experience is the best leaders build teams that love working together, kick butt on the competition, and achieve what has never been done before.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to be on that team?

How can you make it YOUR team?


The alternative is lower productivity and higher employee turnover at a time when it is incredibly difficult to hire top performers. 

You cannot afford to lose a great team member, or even a good one because it’s so hard to replace them.

Why not invest 1-2 hours a week to be a better leader?

Our next Certified Leader program starts the week of July 1, 2019.  Space is limited to 10 leaders.

Our Certified Leader program starts with you and your manager defining your strengths and weaknesses.  Then I invest six months working 1:1 with you to expand your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses.


Week 1 and every other week thereafter you participate in a group training – you, me, and a maximum of 9 others.  We discuss 12 key skills of great leaders and how you can apply them to be your best as a leader.  (12 x group training sessions)

Week 2 and every other week thereafter you and me work 1:1 to build you up and remove any weaknesses, discuss the prior week’s training, and consider responses to any challenges you are having at work.  (12 x 1:1 coaching sessions)

You can visit our testimonial page on this program.  100% of our graduates encourage other leaders to get certified for leadership in our Certified Leader program.  Here are quick quotes of prior participants’ praise of the program, and encouragement that you participate:

“… I found this program to be invaluable …”

“… I definitely feel like I'm walking away a better leader than when I began!”

“… the combination of one on one time with a coach and the group sessions provided a much more powerful experience then I had anticipated.”

“… Dave, his employees, and their Certified Leader Program are the best. Period.”

“… I am a better leader because of this class.”

“… The Certified Leader Program was a great help for myself and for my team…”

“… If you are serious about being a successful leader this is the course for you.”

“… I feel more prepared for what is coming and how to handle crises with a level head and a path forward…”

“… My coach really inspired me these past 6 months.  …I ask myself ‘what would my coach do?’”

We are pleased that a growing number of organizations are making our Certified Leader program THE certification for their leaders.  Existing leaders are sent through the program.  New managers are being placed in the program at the time of their promotion so they can immediately apply what they learn with their new team.

Registration is now open.

Stop knowing you can be a better leader, but not doing anything about it.

Certified Leader is simple.  It only takes 1-2 hours a week.  You get 1:1 coaching customized to your unique needs.  It’s life changing!

Click here to sign-up.



David Graham Russell

Leadership Activist, Author & Consultant