You asked for it - year end specials

Every year our clients, whom we greatly appreciate and enjoy working with, ask if they can purchase products and services in advance of 2016 at a discount.  We don't mind closing out our year with some extra sales so below are the year-end specials many of you have been requesting.  Please feel free to forward them to others whom you believe our services can help.

Discounts are available until midnight, Monday, December 28, 2015 or until we run out.  I can't imagine that we would run out, but I love saying that.

MANAGEtoWIN Talent Assessments

Save $790 - MANAGEtoWIN Talent Assessments
Use coupon code:  TA-15
10-pack of MANAGEtoWIN Talent Assessments (behaviors, motivators) plus Summaries, and written commentary and/or hiring recommendation on each report.  Click to order General (non-sales employees) or Sales version.  (Regular price:  $219 + $49 Summary = $268 less $79 discount = $189 each).  Click here for a sample report.

Save $1,090 - MANAGEtoWIN TriMetrix DNA Assessments
Use coupon code:  DNA-15
10-pack of MANAGEtoWIN TriMetrix DNA Assessments (behaviors, motivators, skills) plus Summaries and written commentary and/or hiring recommendation on each report.  General (non-sales employees) or Sales version.  (Regular price:  $299 + $49 Summary = $348 less $109 discount = $239 each).  Click here for a sample report.

Save $600 - MANAGEtoWIN Talent Assessments + Interviews
Use coupon code:  TA-INTERVIEW-15
5-pack of MANAGEtoWIN Talent Assessments (behaviors, motivators) plus Summaries, interview with David Russell, completed interview scorecard, and his written commentary and/or hiring recommendation.  General or Sales version.  (Regular price:  $519 less $120 discount = $399 each).

Save $750 - MANAGEtoWIN Talent Assessments + Interviews
Use coupon code:  DNA-INTERVIEW-15
5-pack of MANAGEtoWIN TriMetrix DNA Assessments (behaviors, motivators, skills) plus Summaries, interview with David Russell, completed interview scorecard, and his written commentary and/or hiring recommendation. General or Sales version.  (Regular price:  $599 less less $150 discount = $449 each).  Learn more...

Dave's Charm School

Save $2,000 - Dave's Charm School
Use coupon code:  CHARM-15
Dave's Charm School covers everything your team needs to know to improve professionalism and increase customer satisfaction.  Includes 12 recorded video / audio courses with slides for ongoing use in your organization with unlimited employees.  Learn more...


Save $500 - Certified LEADER Program (starts week of January 4, 2016)
Use coupon code:  CL-15
Our Certified LEADER program develops your skills through biweekly training to expand your knowledge and coaching to hold you accountable as you become an effective manager.  Learn more...

Exclusive Partnership

Starting January 2nd, our Best Tech Workplace Alliance program's primary focus is generating and closing sales leads by improving your leadership, culture, sales pipeline, and marketing.  Each company has an exclusive territory, so contact us now to secure your region. 


Save 20% on Certle
Use coupon code:  CERTLE-15
Manage all of your company and employee vendor certifications, exams, and reseller programs in one app - Certle!  Eliminate risks.  Improve vendor relationships.  Increase credibility with clients.  Order Basic, Plus, or Premium Certle site and save 20% on your initial order.  Learn more...

Save 25% on MANAGEtoWIN Setup
Use coupon code:  MTW-15
MANAGEtoWIN is talent management software with a complete performance management suite and HR information system.  Set and track goals, enter log events, create performance reviews, manage compensation and benefits...++  Order Basic or Premium Setup at 25% off.  Learn more...

P.S.  Don't forget to also order MANAGEtoWIN software for your company, not just setup.

Please email us if you have any questions.  We are very grateful for your business and we look forward to another great year in 2016.  Thank you for a great year!

Join Us for NO DRAMA - How to Avoid and Resolve Conflict in Your Workplace

Attention Ingram Micro Community members!  Join us for an exclusive webinar on Jun 23, 2015 at 2:00 PM EDT.

Register now

Do your employees need better soft skills?  YES.  This is a unique opportunity for Ingram Micro community members to experience one of the 12 soft skills training courses of Dave’s Charm School for I.T. geeks and other team members.

In this one-hour program you will see how David Russell, “The Leadership Guy” of the I.T. managed services industry, teaches soft skills to leaders and work groups so their organizations thrive.

You will learn what workplace drama is, how to avoid it, and ways to identify conflict before it escalates into full-blown war.  You will discover what happens to your brain when your anger is triggered, and how to develop new habits to catch yourself before you damage crucial work relationships. There are cycles to comprehend, steps to save the day, and systems to virtually eliminate conflict / drama from your company culture forever.

Join us to find out how you can better avoid and resolve conflict.  There is something here for everyone.

This is an exclusive opportunity for you to experience Dave’s Charm School and then decide if you want to own the entire Charm School library for unlimited internal use.  The special price for Ingram Micro community members is only available through June 30, 2015 so don’t miss this webinar.

Your people need better soft skills.
 Everyone does.  Register now to set the time aside in your calendar.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

A different kind of webinar on June 10th

I invite you and other leaders in your company to join me for a webinar at 2:00 p.m. EST next Wednesday, June 10th, sponsored by Intronis.

This is a different webinar because it is designed for you to ask questions and I do leadership consulting on-the-spot.  I just did this workshop at Autotask Live two weeks ago and it was incredible...  because of the questions the audience asked.

Join us to ask questions, or register to have access to the recording if you want to gain some leadership insights.  Here is the description of the event:

Client Loyalty is Dependent on Your Leadership and Culture

Attention all LEADERS!  Ask questions, listen to live consulting, or do not attend.  This is NOT your typical webinar where you can tune-in the audio while you do email.

We want all participants to ask questions, to pepper Dave with personnel performance pitfalls, passivity, peculiarities, and... other CHALLENGES. You have to focus solely on this event to keep up with the conversation!

Our intent it to be a catalyst for your epiphany: "I have to do things differently NOW."  Give us your full attention and you will be inspired to FINALLY invest the time to improve your company culture and fully engage your employees.

According to the Gallup organization only 18% of managers are effective.  Could you be a better leader/manager? If yes, then every day you postpone your leadership development costs you a lot of money.   Join us to consider how to grow your leadership skills to the next level.

This webinar enables you to evaluate your leadership in the 10 critical areas of employee engagement so you increase Client loyalty (and profitability).  Register here.

Have a great week!

Webinar coming up! ROI of DEVELOPING your leaders

Hi everyone! 

Join me at 11:00 a.m. EST on Thursday, March 12 for a webinar explaining the ROI of developing your leaders - especially the ones you promoted into management but they have NEVER been trained how to lead others.

You need every one of your leaders to have leadership SKILLS, not just leadership attributes.

Click here to register and learn more.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Upcoming Webinar - DO IT RIGHT: Motivational Employee Reviews

How would you like to have motivational employee performance reviews instead of a once-a-year agony?

Register here to attend this less than 30 minute webinar at 8:30 a.m. PDT on Thursday, August 28th, 2014.

As you know, ConnectWise recently endorsed MANAGEtoWIN as the platform they have used the past year to do annual employee performance reviews, and confidential 360 peer feedback.

Do you hate your annual review process, or at least think it could be more consistent and/or efficient?

In less than 30 minutes I will explain why ConnectWise and thousands of employees working for our other clients automate their performance reviews and MANAGEtoWIN.  You will learn:

  • The 7 Warning Signs your current employee review process is a risk and a burden, rather than a benefit
  • The 7 Reasons you must do written employee performance reviews to maximize profitability and growth
  • How ConnectWise and other companies use MANAGEtoWIN to automate their employee performance review process

Learn.  Ask questions.  Gain insights.  Space is limited.  Register now.

I will send you a link to the recorded webinar after it's done.

Day 112 | Meet at Academy

We slashed the price of our LEADERSHIP Essentials Academy to just $295 monthly per company for online content, and only $295 per person for two days of in-person LEADERSHIP Essentials training.

Join our Academy here (includes access to Dave's Charm School for I.T. Geeks soft skills training)

Confirm your seat here for our March 20-21 Academy in San Rafael, California or our June 5-6 Academy in Belmont, New Hampshire.

MANAGEtoWIN Launches "No Bad Bosses" Indiegogo Campaign to Revolutionize Leadership

Through this unique Indiegogo campaign, MANAGEtoWIN founder and "Leadership Guy" David Russell seeks to improve the culture and leadership of businesses everywhere, one bad boss at a time.

San Francisco, CA (CRANBERRY) June 18, 2013 – David Russell, author, "Leadership Guy" and CEO and founder of MANAGEtoWIN, announces the "No Bad Bosses" Indiegogo campaign launch.  Designed to rescue employees from bad bosses everywhere, Russell hopes the campaign will raise awareness of the global bad boss epidemic and fund his team's cure to transform bad bosses into great leaders. 

Unlike most Indiegogo campaigns, the "No Bad Bosses" campaign is not asking for funding for a prototype, but rather rewards supporters with proven services that improve their business or career.  MANAGEtoWIN's LEADERSHIP Essentials system has been refined over the past 11 years, and has been used by clients since 2006.  Clients have been successfully using MANAGEtoWIN software since 2008. 

"We challenge you to stop accepting bad bosses everywhere, including yourself," explains MANAGEtoWIN CEO and founder David Russell.  "Almost everyone can be a better leader. The more people use our solutions, the more powerful we can make them to help you achieve your dreams. Support our efforts to rescue employees from bad bosses and encourage leaders who have been procrastinating about improving their leadership systems to finally take action."

Offers for the Indiegogo campaign include the option to purchase a one-time perpetual MANAGEtoWIN license, a seven-day Maui, Hawaii LEADERSHIP Essentials Academy trip, "No Bad Bosses" buttons and t-shirts, leadership books and software packages, and specialized training and highly-intensive one-on-one help from David Russell himself.  To learn more, or to support the "No Bad Bosses" Indiegogo campaign, visit

“If you haven't already done so, talk to these folks.  The LEADERSHIP Essentials Academy, software, methodology and approach are second to none.  Truly, David Russell and his team are not to be missed if you’re looking to improve your business, processes, culture and your bottom line," says Jim Umenhofer, CEO of Matson & Isom Technology.


We are committed to providing our Clients a reliable, easy-to-use talent management system for their leaders, employees, contractors and volunteers.  As part of our ongoing efforts to improve service and increase uptime, we updated MANAGEtoWIN with a totally new generation navigation upgrade.

The new look is very clean, fast, and appealing.  As part of this upgrade the Compensation Detail sub-section has been totally redesigned and rewritten to remove Silverlight coding.  This is where compensation is automatically calculated.  The result is significantly improved speed and an easier user interface.

These changes require all MANAGEtoWIN users to access their account in IE 9 or higher, or Firefox 18.  MANAGEtoWIN also works on Chrome and Safari and those platforms are as extensively tested as IE.

We hope you appreciate the new changes.  Feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

MANAGEtoWIN Integrated with ConnectWise

We are now offering a full integration of our talent management software with ConnectWise, the leading business management solution for service providers, MSPs, technology consultants, integrators, and developers.

We are excited to partner with ConnectWise to help their customers to run their IT businesses better. Our integration brings employee information, hours worked, utilization forecasts, and other key data from ConnectWise into MANAGEtoWIN.  ConnectWise partners can use that information to pay their employees based on hours worked and utilization rates.  They no longer have to do duplicate entry of data.

In addition, ConnectWise partners can leverage MANAGEtoWIN to motivate employee performance like world class companies – in software.  MANAGEtoWIN allows them to set and track automated goals, write reviews in half the time, automate career paths, manage benefits, track job history, document positive/negative employee behavior, track recognition, encourage more pay-for-performance compensation, and much more.  We have dozens of ConnectWise partners that have been requesting this integration.  It’s exciting to introduce it at the largest IT Nation event ever.

We will be presenting the MANAGEtoWIN-ConnectWise integration in booth 604 of the IT Nation event in Orlando, Florida on November 8-12, 2011.  Special show pricing will be available to attendees and online during the show.

MANAGEtoWIN Dashboard For Best Practices

We have released a new dashboard real-time reporting landing page for the popular Best Practices section of MANAGEtoWIN.  This new functionality is now live on all accounts.

This new dashboard provides instant access to multiple saved reports, you can see the status of the best practice processes that have been assigned to you, multiple people or even by groups.  Then you can click directly through to the reports.  Users are very pleased to have this immediate access to the status of their best practices throughout their organization.

MANAGEtoWIN Best Practices enable clients to define processes that work best in their organization and then extend them out to an unlimited number of people.  Each task of a process can have a reminder to remind people to complete their tasks.  Tasks and milestones can also have automatic notifications to supervisors that work has been completed and an approval workflow to confirm work is being done to company standards.  Popular best practices are goals, career paths, onboarding for new employees, certification processes and management processes.

MANAGEtoWIN Integrated With Autotask

We are now offering an integration of our talent management software into Autotask, the leading hosted business management software designed exclusively for technology solution providers.

"Autotask is the ‘business operating system’ that technology solution providers use to sell, implement, manage, and bill their IT products and services,” said Mark Crall, Executive Director of Business Development for Autotask.  “Now, with MANAGEtoWIN integrated they can also use the data captured by Autotask to improve the way they manage and motivate their employees to achieve meaningful results.

We are excited to partner with Autotask Corporation to help their customers to run their IT businesses better. Through the MANAGEtoWIN integration Autotask customers will be able to focus on motivating employee performance by setting and tracking automated goals, writing reviews in half the time, automating career paths and encouraging more pay-for-performance compensation.  This is a beautiful partnership because our product roadmap really compliments Autotask, so the benefits of this integration will continue to grow over time.

MSPU and MANAGEtoWIN Help MSPs Accelerate Growth

MSP University and MANAGEtoWIN are offering a webinar tomorrow to transform managed service providers into powerful profit machines by better leveraging vendor marketing dollars.

The 27-minute webinar, Spend More Vendor Money and Less of Your Own, explains how managed service providers can access thousands of dollars from vendors, implement their marketing campaigns with accountability and fully engage employees to achieve top results. There will be additional time for Q&A. This event occurs on Wednesday, Dec 16, 2009 from 11:32 a.m. - 12:17 p.m. PST.

“Most partners do not realize over $100 million dollars in co-op and MDF money went unspent this year,” David Russell, CEO of MANAGEtoWIN explained. “The objective of this event is to help our clients and MSP University managed service providers learn how to grow their business more rapidly. Part of this transformation requires them to see how to better implement vendor marketing campaigns so they can reach their clients more effectively, qualify for vendor marketing dollars, and hold employees accountable for world-class results.”

Host Erick Simpson, vice president of MSP University is joined by leadership expert David Russell, author of the book Success With People and CEO of MANAGEtoWIN. David helps leaders overcome their addiction to poor management habits. He has been in the computer industry for over 28 years. Back in 2001 his company hosted over 1,800 online stores for partners and his people developed one of the first online Microsoft partner software licensing configuration tools. He coaches technology solution providers and works with vendors to better engage partners to accelerate growth. His clients include Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, Ingram Micro, Tech Data, ConnectWise, Catalyst Telecom, Vistage and the Entrepreneur’s Organization members.

About MSP University

MSP University is the premier authority on the development and growth of a successful IT and Managed Services practice. A comprehensive, vendor-neutral resource whose sole function is to collect and disseminate as much information as possible in best practices for IT business transformation and improvement and mentor its members on building, operating and growing a successful Managed Services Practice, MSP University specializes in providing Managed Services education, training, fulfillment, and consulting services to independent IT service providers, vendors and channel organizations worldwide.

Attend the Microsoft Business Edge series!

Yesterday I did the first of 12 Web seminars (proprietary content) we’ve created for Microsoft as a Business Edge series to teach business etiquette and process to recently hired college graduates, and other employees who need a refresher course.

The registrations for the web seminar yesterday were strong and I believe attendees enjoyed the content. I encourage all Microsoft partners to have your young employees attend the Microsoft Business Edge series Web seminars live or at least view the recorded sessions. I am doing 3 of these a week for the next 4 weeks (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11:00 a.m. PST each week).

Microsoft Partners can learn more about the seminars at

Today’s session is on how to Identify and Pursue Your Strengths. I hope you join us to learn more about how you can improve personally and professionally.