A happy customer and a special deal! ConnectWise using MANAGEtoWIN

I am excited to announce that ConnectWise, the premier business operating system for IT solution providers, has endorsed MANAGEtoWIN after using the software over the past year for employee performance reviews.

Special Offer:  We are celebrating this endorsement by providing ConnectWise partners with two free Talent Assessments with Summaries ($498 value) with every new MANAGEtoWIN subscription and purchase of Premium Setup.  Orders may be placed on our Pricing page.

“MANAGEtoWIN enables us to easily and accurately conduct annual reviews across our entire organization,” said David Bellini, COO of ConnectWise.  “The software allows HR to initiate robust, confidential 360-degree reviews of colleagues from top to bottom to shed light on where improvements need to be made.  We’ve experienced great customer service from MANAGEtoWIN and look forward to using the software in an even greater capacity in the future.”

We have served the ConnectWise community since 2008 and appreciate David Bellini’s endorsement of our software. To celebrate this affirmation of MANAGEtoWIN we are offering special pricing to ConnectWise Partners during September Provide detailed guidance 2014:

Extra Value: Any company ordering MANAGEtoWIN with Premium Setup through midnight, August 27th, will also receive (at their option) one hour of free consulting with David Russell, the Leadership Guy for IT companies.

As part of the Premium Setup service, MANAGEtoWIN Consultants train ConnectWise Partners on best practices for setting and tracking goals, and completing employee reviews.  They do the heavy-lifting to fully optimize each ConnectWise Partner’s MANAGEtoWIN account, including a time-saving, streamlined annual review process that includes:

  1. Define Work-Related Competencies for each position from MANAGEtoWIN’s library of over 200 pre-written competencies.
  2. Train how to create their own behavioral competencies and design custom review forms.
  3. Create annual performance review forms for each person in their company.
  4. Create 360 peer review forms for each person in their company to use six months away from each annual review.
  5. Provide detailed guides for managers and employees how to give and receive annual performance reviews.
  6. Teach how to set and track goals, plus employee behavior outside of goals, in MANAGEtoWIN.
  7. Help them understand how to use any other part of the full MANAGEtoWIN HR suite to fully engage their people.

Please contact us with any questions.

Day 124 | Price Changes & Accountability

Have you subscribed to Certle, the only application that tracks ALL of your vendor programs and certifications?  How about MANAGEtoWIN?

If not, subscribe now before the May 1 price changes and lock in lower pricing through this year and possibly longer.  Here are the changes coming on May 1, 2014:


  1. Integrations are free.  (Saves you $49/month for our ConnectWise or Autotask integration)
  2. Existing Clients' monthly subscriptions will remain the same


  1. Certle Basic Plan (up to 25 people) increases from $49 to $59 monthly
  2. Certle Plus Plan (up to 50 people) increases from $99 to $119 monthly
  3. Certle Premium (up to 100 people) increases from $199 to $229 monthly
  4. MANAGEtoWIN monthly subscription increases from $49 to $59 monthly (the $2.25 per person fee stays the same)




  1. Did you take Sanctuary time over the weekend to improve your focus?
  2. How did you do on your 3Strands last week?
  3. Have you defined your 3Strands for this week?
  4. By 9:00 a.m. this morning you should have 3Strands emails from each of your direct reports.

Stay on track.

Automated Certification Is Here

Does it frustrate you when one of your people lets a key technical certification lapse, or a vendor requires one and you have to scramble?

Your days of frustration are over.  MANAGEtoWIN has launched a new software application named Certle (it’s no relation, but think “Yertle The Turtle” when you pronounce it) to manage your key vendor relationships and certifications.  Now organizations can track all vendor certifications and their status with a beautiful and intelligently designed interface. 

The beauty of it is the MANAGEtoWIN Client Services team enters all your vendor program and certification data for you – Microsoft, Cisco, HP, VMware…  Whatever vendor you want in their system, they add it for you as part of your setup at no additional charge. 

Are you tired of reminding your people to get their certifications?  Certle emails them reminders, and notifies you when they complete their certifications or fall behind schedule.

Do you want to manage your certifications in a solution that is integrated with your PSA?  Certle is integrated with ConnectWise so service tickets are created when your people are assigned to certification requirements.

Do you wish you could just see the status of all your vendor programs and certifications at a glance in a dashboard.  Certle provides that too.

Do you want more money from your vendors to create and close sales?  Certle is a great way for you to make certain that you have already qualified for the maximum amount of dollars you can receive.


We are committed to providing our Clients a reliable, easy-to-use talent management system for their leaders, employees, contractors and volunteers.  As part of our ongoing efforts to improve service and increase uptime, we updated MANAGEtoWIN with a totally new generation navigation upgrade.

The new look is very clean, fast, and appealing.  As part of this upgrade the Compensation Detail sub-section has been totally redesigned and rewritten to remove Silverlight coding.  This is where compensation is automatically calculated.  The result is significantly improved speed and an easier user interface.

These changes require all MANAGEtoWIN users to access their account in IE 9 or higher, or Firefox 18.  MANAGEtoWIN also works on Chrome and Safari and those platforms are as extensively tested as IE.

We hope you appreciate the new changes.  Feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

MANAGEtoWIN Integrated with ConnectWise

We are now offering a full integration of our talent management software with ConnectWise, the leading business management solution for service providers, MSPs, technology consultants, integrators, and developers.

We are excited to partner with ConnectWise to help their customers to run their IT businesses better. Our integration brings employee information, hours worked, utilization forecasts, and other key data from ConnectWise into MANAGEtoWIN.  ConnectWise partners can use that information to pay their employees based on hours worked and utilization rates.  They no longer have to do duplicate entry of data.

In addition, ConnectWise partners can leverage MANAGEtoWIN to motivate employee performance like world class companies – in software.  MANAGEtoWIN allows them to set and track automated goals, write reviews in half the time, automate career paths, manage benefits, track job history, document positive/negative employee behavior, track recognition, encourage more pay-for-performance compensation, and much more.  We have dozens of ConnectWise partners that have been requesting this integration.  It’s exciting to introduce it at the largest IT Nation event ever.

We will be presenting the MANAGEtoWIN-ConnectWise integration in booth 604 of the IT Nation event in Orlando, Florida on November 8-12, 2011.  Special show pricing will be available to attendees and online during the show.

MANAGEtoWIN Dashboard For Best Practices

We have released a new dashboard real-time reporting landing page for the popular Best Practices section of MANAGEtoWIN.  This new functionality is now live on all accounts.

This new dashboard provides instant access to multiple saved reports, you can see the status of the best practice processes that have been assigned to you, multiple people or even by groups.  Then you can click directly through to the reports.  Users are very pleased to have this immediate access to the status of their best practices throughout their organization.

MANAGEtoWIN Best Practices enable clients to define processes that work best in their organization and then extend them out to an unlimited number of people.  Each task of a process can have a reminder to remind people to complete their tasks.  Tasks and milestones can also have automatic notifications to supervisors that work has been completed and an approval workflow to confirm work is being done to company standards.  Popular best practices are goals, career paths, onboarding for new employees, certification processes and management processes.

MANAGEtoWIN Integrated With Autotask

We are now offering an integration of our talent management software into Autotask, the leading hosted business management software designed exclusively for technology solution providers.

"Autotask is the ‘business operating system’ that technology solution providers use to sell, implement, manage, and bill their IT products and services,” said Mark Crall, Executive Director of Business Development for Autotask.  “Now, with MANAGEtoWIN integrated they can also use the data captured by Autotask to improve the way they manage and motivate their employees to achieve meaningful results.

We are excited to partner with Autotask Corporation to help their customers to run their IT businesses better. Through the MANAGEtoWIN integration Autotask customers will be able to focus on motivating employee performance by setting and tracking automated goals, writing reviews in half the time, automating career paths and encouraging more pay-for-performance compensation.  This is a beautiful partnership because our product roadmap really compliments Autotask, so the benefits of this integration will continue to grow over time.